Types Of Tire Tubes Used In Different Vehicles

Posted by Admin on March, 28, 2019

The inner tubes of any tire play an important role in not just the smooth working of the tires but also their long life. Like different vehicles have different types of tires, similarly, different tires have different types of tire tubes. One needs to pay strict attention to the size, valve style, and material of the tire tube to ensure they are buying the right one for their tires. For example, if buying scooty tubes from scooty tube supplier in India, it is important to make sure that its size matches the wheel size (diameter and width) of your scooty and the type of valve (tubeless etc.,) to ensure they would fit perfectly for your scooty tire. Apart from scooty tube manufacturers providing scooty tubes in the market at a cost-effective price, one can find a number of tube manufacturers building tire tubes for different vehicles like bikes, cars, trucks, and tractors. That said, let’s read some of the different types of tire tubes used in different vehicles.

Scooty Tubes

Scooty tubes are made from rubber and are generally smaller in size. As these tubes form the inner lining of a scooty tire, it is important to keep the size of the scooty tires in mind to make sure they fit properly. Not only should the width of the scooty tube match the width of the tire, but the radial construction should also be kept in mind. There are many wholesale scooty tube suppliers in India that offer the highest quality scooty tubes at a reasonable price.

Bike Tubes

Bike tires are usually with tube and get worn out pretty easily. That’s the reason why great care should be taken while buying bike tubes from bike tube suppliers. Understanding the valve, whether it is Schrader valve, Dunlop valve, Presta valve, also plays a crucial role in determining the tire tube for bikes.

Car Tubes

While many car tires have become tubeless, there are several other types of cars that have tires with tubes. There are many factors that one should check while buying car tubes. Some of these are the rim diameter, load index, speed rating, tire section width, and tire aspect ratio. The car tube should be in alignment with the tires in these factors to find the perfect one.

Truck Tire Tubes

Truck tire tubes are another type of tubes available in the market. Compared to cars, bikes, and scooty tubes, truck tire tubes are usually bigger in size and made of more durable material for the rough and tough use.

Tractor Tubes

Tractor tubes are also bigger in size to fit the large tires used in a tractor. These could be purchased from trusted suppliers of tractor tubes to ensure only the best quality tractor tubes are purchased.

Depending on the vehicle you have and the wheel size, these are some of the top types of tire tubes available in the market. One can turn to trusted tube suppliers and manufacturers and get these tubes by trusted brands like Rapid, Dove, Black, and Hero.

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